All About Charter Buses

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You’ve heard the buzz: charter buses are the best way to shuttle a large group of people from one place to another. But what exactly is a charter bus, and why are they so amazing? Would hiring one be right for your group? And would you just be limited to one type of bus, or could you pick from several?

What Is It?
In the simplest terms, a charter bus is a bus that is available for hire. However, that definition does not entirely cover what the words “charter bus” evoke. Most people envision a large, professionally chauffeured bus with individual seating and climate control. You have probably passed a chartered bus on the interstate before and may have even traveled in one yourself.

Your Driver
When you rent a bus, you will be driven by a professional chauffeur. These experienced and highly trained drivers are able to react quickly and safely in any situation to protect your group from harm. They are fully licensed to drive large vehicles, and they have extensive experience with handling their bus in a variety of conditions.

Who Uses Them?
Charter buses are typically used by any sort of large group. From school children on a field trip, to fraternity brothers going on spring break, to business men and women going to a conference, to a sports team traveling to an away game, charter buses are appropriate for any sizeable group of people. If your group has more people than a single bus can hold, charter groups will happily rent you more buses to caravan to your destination.

Why Use One?
It can be a hassle to organize a large group of people if everyone has their own transportation. It is inevitable that someone will get lost or be late, and the risk is substantially greater with a larger group that someone will encounter car trouble or have an accident. Buses are safe, reliable ways to get everyone where they need to be at the same time. Buses are also more economical and environmentally friendly than having everyone arrange for their own transportation.

Do Charter Bus Companies Only Have One Kind of Bus?
A misconception that many people have is that charter bus companies only offer one specific type of bus, whether that fits your group’s needs or not. Companies that charter their buses often have a wide variety of bus options available for rent. After all, it would be a waste to hire a fancy, top-of-the-line, Wi-Fi and PowerPoint enabled bus for small school children, and likewise, it would be underwhelming for a business group to travel via school bus.

Charter buses provide safe and economical travel for groups of all kinds. The next time you need to efficiently transport people for a large family function, business meeting, or school event, consider contacting a reliable local charter bus company.


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