Luxury Villas For Rent – An Essential Guide For Tourists

Going to Thailand for a holiday is a great idea and booking luxury villas for rent might just make it even greater. Here are some pointers worth considering if you want this option.

What are reservations like?

It depends on the season. Summertime can be particularly busy times to book a Thailand villa. You might be competing with locals and foreign tourists who want to go to the beach. Songkran, or the traditional New Year, is also another time to watch out for since people will likely be in celebratory moods.

If you wish to avoid all these hassles, make reservations during the off peak season. Beaches will have less crowds and you are likely to have the sand and shores all to yourself and your family.

How much is a luxury villa for rent anyway?

Rates vary on the amenities you want. For instance, some might feature a rate of $202 per night if you want something with four rooms with four bathrooms and a private pool. You may need to pay a higher amount if you want a villa with more rooms and access to a private pool. This arrangement might have premium rates, but trust us when we say it’s worth every penny.

When you reserve this villa, you and your family get to enjoy all the luxurious rooms available. You also will enjoy swimming whenever you like. The privacy is also superb since you can just laze around all day in the rooms or delight in the pool’s clear waters.

Access to Wi-Fi is also available as you book luxury villas for rent so connecting to the Internet is not a problem. Daily maid services will also make sure everything will be cleaned and put in place as you enjoy your stay.

How do I get to Thailand villa?

It depends on the location. If the villa is in Phuket, for example, you have a variety of transport options available. You can take buses to travel in the city and get you to your destination. You can also try Thailand’s very own motorbike taxis if you want to get there faster.

Make sure to ask the airport information booth regarding bus routes and possible stops if you are riding one. The last thing you will need is to be on a location miles away from where you are supposed to be. The same should apply when you want to take the local taxi. Ask the specific roads your potential driver should take so you can get to your destination and avoid traffic jams.

If you enjoy driving, book with a car rental before you get to the nation kingdom. Various car rental companies offer a variety of cars you might want to drive. In taking this option, however, be prepared to apply in advance for a license. You also need to know the traffic rules and routes. Bring a comprehensive map or a GPS that works because you will need these at all times. These are very important factors so you will not end up lost or in jail due to a violation.

Of course, all these pointers will be useless unless you find a luxurious Thailand villa. To do this, log online and check reviews. Using the Internet can yield you the best possible choice for that great getaway.

New Orleans Fourth of July Travel – Alternatives to Renting a Car

Transportation is one of the biggest concerns of travelers in 2011. If you’re planning a trip to New Orleans during the 4th of July weekend.

Should you rent a car?

During the 4th of July weekend, over 200,000 people descend upon the city of New Orleans for the Essence Music Festival. With so many people, driving (and parking) can be a pain.

If you’re attending the Essence Festival concerts and choose to rent a car you must also consider the cost of parking the car at the Superdome each night of the event and the cost of parking the car at the hotel, most hotels charge a self-parking and valet parking fee that can run nearly $40 per night.

Renting a car in New Orleans is certainly a personal decision. If you choose to rent a car, it is best to leave it in a parked garage or paid lot as parking control agents are in full force and you run the risk of being ticketed if you don’t adhere to New Orleans parking laws.

If you have no plans to venture outside of the downtown area, then you should save your money with these alternatives.

What are the alternatives?

Taxi’s are in abundance. New Orleans taxi’s charge an initial $3.50 fee plus $2 per mile. Traveling outside of the downtown area can become quite costly.

Public Transportation New Orleans has a great public transportation system. the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority offers travel card called the JazzyPass. Jazzy Passes grants unlimited access on all New Orleans streetcars and city buses at a very affordable rate. Prices for a JazzyPass are $5 for the 1-day Pass, $12 for the 3-day Pass, $20 for the 5-day Pass and $55 for the 31-day Pass.


New Orleans is one of the most walkable cities in America. If you’re booking a hotel in the Garden District, Central Business District, Warehouse District, or French Quarter, you can easily get around the downtown area by taking a stroll. Walking in New Orleans will give you time to marvel at the wonderful architecture and beauty of this great city.

There’s so much to see and do in New Orleans during the fourth of July weekend, you don’t want to spend it cooped up car driving around the downtown area looking for parking.

Prepare To Rent A Car When Going Abroad

Traveling abroad with a rented car is much more convenient than any other means of transportation because it gives you the freedom you need to travel comfortably. Unlike trains and buses, hired cars may take you everywhere you want to go as soon as you want to. If you want to rent a car on your next trip abroad here are some tips that can facilitate your work.

First of all, you need to see what car hire and vehicle leasing companies are available in the country you are going to visit. If you plan on crossing various territories, you need to choose the company that is present in all of these countries so you can reach your destination without changing cars.

Once you have chosen your company you need to make a map with the main places you want to visit and determine the most accessible itinerary. You may also resort to the global positioning system in order to make sure that you don’t get lost through unknown places.

Knowing the condition and the length of the road enables you to choose the appropriate car for you and your family. On top of that, you need to take into consideration the number of passengers and the quantity of luggage that you will take. If you will spend more than a week on the road, you probably need to hire a caravan so you can sleep over the nights.

Carefully verify all your papers and documents in order to make sure that your identity card and your driver’s license are not expired because you will need them to hire the car. It is also important to read the terms and conditions of the car’s insurance; pay extra attention to the paragraph referring to the type of incidents that the insurance covers. If you want to make sure that your driving abilities are internationally recognized, you should get an International Driver’s License which is accepted everywhere in the world no matter how far your destination may be.

We definitely recommend you to travel by rented cars because they offer you and your family protection against dangerous travelers and other risks. In addition, a rented vehicle gives you the possibility to visit all the touristic attractions without spending too much time and money on the road. The prices are even more convenient if you choose to hire the car for a longer period, so now you have more reasons to travel.

4 Reasons to Rent a Car Directly at Dalaman Airport

Dalaman airport is one of the most frequented international airports in Turkey, with many people passing through here on their journey to discover this Mediterranean country with a rich cultural heritage and plenty of stunning spots of natural beauty.

Whether you intend to stay in the quieter location of Dalaman itself, or instead make your way to one of Turkey’s most vibrant port towns such as Marmaris, here are some of the main reasons why deciding to rent a car in Dalaman, Turkey, is one of the best decisions you could make.

Firstly, making the choice to rent a car in Dalaman airport is extremely convenient when compared with the alternative options of taking a taxi to your destination, or figuring out how to get about using public transport. There are many buses that operate between the airport and the resort towns of Marmaris and Fethiye, yet these can become crowded and will stop several times along the way.

With bus journeys to these destinations lasting at least an hour, renting a vehicle instead means you will not have to put up with cramming yourself into a bus with many other tourists in the heat of summer, and you will also be able to keep an eye on your luggage, decide your own itinerary and speed up your journey to your accommodation if this is a priority for you.

The second advantage of deciding to rent a car in Dalaman, Turkey, is that this can save you money. Although no one is going to argue that taking a bus from the airport is not in fact cheaper at prices of around 7 Turkish Lira, deciding to hire a vehicle is still more cost effective than taking a taxi or spending on a private transfer service.

Many reputable vehicle hire companies operating out of Dalaman airport also boast exceptionally good tariffs at around £15 per day, sometimes offering free days if you stay for an extended period of time such as two weeks. This can save you even more money, making hiring a car definitely worth your while.

The next reason why hiring a car could be a good idea for you is that it can give you peace of mind when travelling in the country. If you have a large family or a group of friends, public transport and terminals can prove problematic as people can get lost and luggage misplaced. Having your own car essentially eliminates this problem.

When you rent a car at Dalaman airport, you can make sure that everyone and everything gets safely from the arrivals terminal to the vehicle, and then to your hotel. For extra peace of mind, car hire agencies in this region generally offer all inclusive packages that cover the vehicle in cases of theft, breakdown and any damage that might occur.

The fourth and final reason why it is good idea to rent a car here is that it will give you the freedom to travel to many different destinations throughout your stay. Although some are perfectly content to make their way to the beach hot spots of Fethiye or Marmaris and stay there for the entirety of their trip, this is not the case for everyone.

Nearby places such as Turtle Beach, the ancient remains of Ephesus and the thermal springs of Pamukkale are much more accessible if you have your own transport; a small investment in a rental vehicle can give you the possibility to explore Turkey to your heart’s content.

Hiring a rental vehicle during your holiday to Turkey is a fantastic idea for many, allowing them freedom, convenience, peace of mind and great value for money. With many rental agencies out there to choose from, make sure that you shop around for a great package that offers you comfort, safety and reliability in order to make the most of your stay on the Turquoise Coast.

Renting a Party Bus for a Special Occasion

Choosing a party bus for that next special occasion is often a lot easier than you might believe, what with the internet to refer to. Hiring out a party bus can be a simple process, but it is still important to consider several factors to make sure you’re getting the right full-featured bus, which is in a sound mechanical condition. Here are some steps which might be taken in searching the right party bus –

When deciding on the right hire company that offers a range of large vehicles, such as the party buses, it is always wise to do your due diligence by searching the reputation of the service. They easy way to achieve this is by going online and searching the particular company and looking for positive comments or testimonial next to their name. By reading feedback of other partygoers it makes it easier for you to determine the qualities of a particular hire company.

A further way to decide the quality of service is by actually seeing the fleet of vehicles in person. If you are located close to the actual facility where the party buses are located, then you might be able to go along and inspect the vehicles. If they are kept to a high standard then this is often a good sign that you have found a worthy company.

Once you have found a party bus service that you believe fits the bill, it is often possible to visit the company’s website to refer to the different types of hire packages available. Hire rates are often clearly listed on the site which lets you know straightaway the sort of packages you and your friends might be able to afford. You might also find special discounts in operation at certain times of the year when business might be a little bit on the slow side, so depending on your needs, it might be possible to make a booking that falls within this time frame.

One last crucial factor to consider with a party bus hire company is it that they hold the right license and insurance, which should allow them to carry large groups of people. This type of information is important as should the worst happen and the party bus is involved in an accident, there might well be major repercussions as a consequence.

Using the right hire company for that next special occasion will give you extra piece of mind in knowing that you will be safely looked after, while also ensuring your party has the best of times.

Top 5 Areas to Rent Student Flats in Sheffield

If you have decided on Sheffield as the place to gain your degree then you will need to do some studying before you arrive to ensure that you choose the right area to live in. Sheffield has thrown off the majority of its grey industrial past and has emerged as a cosmopolitan city which embraces creativity, technology and sport. There are plenty of exciting places to rent student flats in Sheffield and below are the top five options…

1. Ecclesall Road

Ecclesall Road is one of the most popular areas to rent student flats in Sheffield thanks to the diverse selection of pubs, restaurants, cafes and independent shops which line this main road to the city centre. The restaurants feature everything from fine Italian dining in Nonnas to Mexican snack and drinks bar Abuelos and the bars include sports bar Champs and flash cocktail bar the Walnut Club. The campuses of both universities are easily reached by foot and Hallam’s Collegiate Crescent campus is just off Ecclesall Road.

2. Broomhill

If you are going to the University of Sheffield and are looking to rent student flats in Sheffield then Broomhill is the ideal location as many of the main university buildings are within walking distance (there are also excellent bus routes into the city centre). Broomhill is slightly further out of Sheffield than Ecclesall Road but this gives the area a village-style feel which many students prefer and there is an excellent selection of shops, restaurants and cheap pubs to choose from.

3. City Centre

If you want to be part of the action then the city centre is the best place to rent student flats in Sheffield. Modern complexes such as West One are extremely popular as they feature smart apartments with restaurants and bars right on the doorstep. The Devonshire Quarter is another popular area thanks to the wide variety of boutique shops, restaurants and bars (many of which feature regular live music). Both university campuses are within walking distance and there are plenty of buses to campuses out of the city centre.

4. Norfolk Park

The Supertram links Norfolk Park to the city centre so you can enjoy the more spacious and greener living this area offers and still benefit from the city centre amenities. The huge park is ideal for a Sunday afternoon kick-about or a relaxing place to enjoy a walk or a coffee at the cafe.

5. Crookes

Popular with University of Sheffield students, Crookes is a lively area which is around a ten minute bus ride from the city centre. The main road features a plethora of pubs which offer cheap food and drinks as well as a range of restaurants including the popular Casanova Italian restaurant and Spin Rocs tapas bar. When you rent student flats in Sheffield you may find that Crookes is a cheaper option than Ecclesall Road and Broomhill as it’s a little further out.

London, W2 – An Ideal Place to Rent Property

The postcode district of W2 in Central West London is an ideal place to rent property. It encompasses areas such as Bayswater, Lancaster Gate, Marble Arch, Paddington and Hyde Park, which are situated in the boroughs of Westminster and Kensington and Chelsea. Property in W2 ranges from old to modern – from 18th and 19th century architecture to modern flats and apartments, appealing to all tastes and budgets.

Many properties are situated about 20 – 30 minutes away from public transportation such as buses or tube stations, making it convenient for those who commute to London. And to top it all off, W2 is blessed with many attractions, shopping centres and restaurants, providing a variety of things to do and see for people who decide to live in this district. Here are some of the notable areas in W2 to rent property in:

Bayswater: This is an area of west London located approximately 5 km north west of Charing Cross, which borders the north of Hyde Park over Kensington Gardens. It is noted as being one of London’s most cosmopolitan areas, with a diverse population adding their own flavours to the area. Bayswater is blessed with stunning gardens – Cleveland Square and Porchester Square, as well as its famous Greek Orthodox Cathedral, which draws many visitors. Property in Bayswater is mainly of Georgian and Victorian styles.

Lancaster Gate: This refers to a mid 19th century development in Bayswater district, and consists of two long stuccoed terraces of houses overlooking Kensington Gardens, opening into a square which spreads to the former Christ Church. The houses are styled in a manner that encompasses a variety of designs featuring English Baroque details and French touches.

Paddington: Paddington is a delightful area to live in with much to do and see in this area. The recently modernised Paddington railway station, the oasis of leafy calm – Little Venice, the bustling market – Camden Lock and the London Zoo are just some of the many places to visit in Paddington. In addition, there is a massive central London regeneration scheme underway, the Paddington Waterside, which promises new residential and commercial development. Another important landmark in Paddington is the distinguished St Mary’s Hospital, which provides excellent health services to local communities.

Does It Really Make Sense to Rent a RV for Travel or Vacation?

The fact that you’re reading these words tells me something important: you’ve been stricken by the “RV bug.” The very idea of traveling America’s major highways and back roads is, to you, intoxicating and addictive. But, I probably know something else about you, as well. The cost of buying a RV that you can use each time you want to take a trip or vacation may be too expensive or more than you believe you should have to pay. If so, that’s understandable… and it’s not your only option.

It Often Makes Good Sense to Rent a RV for a Planned Trip or Vacation.

If you’re an occasional RV traveler, someone who plans RV trips, not annually, but from time to time, there is no good reason to invest heavily in the purchase of a “home on wheels.” RVs are expensive, especially when they are factory-fresh and new, and probably not worth the cost if you’re not going to travel regularly. Of course, you can always buy a previously-owned RV, but they, too, are surprisingly costly. After all, RVs are roughly the equivalent of small buses in size and feature kitchens, living rooms, a sleeping area, even a bathroom. The better option for you is “to rent.”

RV Rentals give you Access to all the Amenities you expect in a RV… at Dramatically Lower Cost.

Importantly, RV rentals are readily available in all big cities, towns and even hamlets and rural areas all across America. Rental fees are generally affordable, if not entirely modest… even for the most luxurious models, brand new or slightly-used. And, of course, when you rent, all you have to do is turn in the RV when your trip or vacation ends… no further responsibility on your part. Consider that another very good benefit.

There are Additional Conveniences to Renting a RV that you are sure to appreciate.

Many RV Rental Companies are regional in scope… even national. That means that if you rent a RV from one of these large agencies you can pick it up in one city and drop it off in another city – without penalty. And because large rental companies tend to have huge fleets of RVS, you can get the RV you want, one that’s loaded with awesome features or one that’s “stripped and simple.” It will always be your choice. So… if you’re not planning on buying a RV, consider a RV rental. You’ll be pleased with what you get.

There is a new e-book currently available that has been written specifically for folks – like you – who want to have fun when they travel by RV. It is called “Putting the WOW Into Your Next RV Vacation” and it includes tips and information you can use to really enjoy your RV. Make sure to get your hands on this informational RV eBook.

Renting A Car When You Are Abroad

It is always safer and faster to travel by plane. The only time you should take the car out of your country is when you would plan a trip in which you have included several touristic objectives that you can find in your way. Otherwise, whether you are rushing to a perfect beach to spent your vacation, to a mountain resort for complete relaxation, or to a business meeting you should book tickets for a flight.

Once you arrive in the foreign country the fun begins. First you need to get from the airport to your hotel. There are three ways in which you can do that. One is to wait for the bus, like most people do. But that means first of all identifying the right bus, waiting for it, than carrying your luggage in it and spending the entire road from here to there standing on one foot because the buses are usually crowded. The second option is to take the taxi. This might be a very tricky thing because taxi drivers ask too much money for such a trip, assuming that you are a rich, stupid foreigner. But there are exceptions to this one.

The third option is to rent a car. Most of the companies renting cars have work points inside or near the airports. Even if you know the place it is advisable to also ask a map of the region and the cities that you need to go to. This solution can turn out to be very comfortable. All you need is to load your luggage in the trunk and drive. It will surely get you in good conditions wherever you need and without depending on anyone.

Once you have arrived at the hotel you will also need the car, to get to the meeting point. When you are in an unknown sign it is difficult to find out how you can travel by bus, and you can’t trust cab drivers. That is why it is better to have your rented car waiting for you.

If you are accompanied by a group of people, or if the luggage you carry with you is too bulky you can consider van leasing. This way you will manage to take your group to its destination or to move large goods to the place where they are supposed to arrive.

Can You Afford to Rent a Bus? Financial Tips for Travelling Groups

Whenever you have a large group of people who need to get to a specific location at the same time, you will automatically consider renting a bus. If you are working on a tight budget or are trying to transport a group that does not have any financial income, you may eliminate the idea of bus rental as quickly as you thought of it.

Fortunately, there are ways to control the expense of renting a bus. You may find that it is actually more affordable to rent one bus and have everyone pitch in to cover the cost than to have everyone pay for their own individual trip.

What do You Really Need?

Most groups do not need large tour buses complete with on-board bathrooms and kitchenettes. Be realistic about what you need in a bus to safely and comfortably transport your group where you need to go. Everyone would like to ride in a state-of-the-art tour bus, but what is the absolute minimum needed to transport your group in safety and comfort?

Most people think of the larger charter buses when they consider renting a bus. What you may not know is you can rent school bus style buses for far less. You just don’t get the luxury of on-board bathrooms and other advanced features.

Do the Math

Once you figure out what type of bus you could get by with, give some thought to the number of people going on your trip. Just as you can save expenses by not renting luxury buses, you can save expenses by renting a bus no bigger than you actually need to fit your traveling guests.

If you only have 12 people travelling, you don’t need a large school bus that seats 30. Stick to what you need and you will shave off the price to a more manageable rate.

Now, find a good estimated price for a bus of the size you need and with the features or amenities that you decided your group really needs. Determine how much each person would have to pitch in to cover the rental then compare that to what each person would pay buying gas and putting miles on their own vehicle to get to and from this event.

What is more affordable? Even if the bus rental is a bit higher in price, there is still one last factor to consider.

Factor in Convenience

There is something to be said for paying for added convenience. It is much easier to load everyone into one bus and bring them to an event together than to have a string of separate vehicles trying not to lose one another.

Even if you have everyone transport themselves and just meet up at your final destination, it is a hassle to make sure everyone gets there safely and on time. If there is a need to all be together upon arrival, then this doesn’t work anyway you try it.

Most small groups can afford a reasonably priced bus rental, especially with the cost of gas rising to such high levels today.

If you haven’t considered renting a school bus style bus over other charter buses, determine how many people will be travelling with you and get a good price. You may be surprised how affordable these buses can be.